How to use mysql-connector-python 2.1.5 on Django 1.10?

MySQL Connector/Python currently not available from PyPI

When you want use mysql-connector-python as db backend in Django, the first thing you noticed is that the latest version of mysql-connector-python on PyPI is 2.0.4, but official version is 2.1.5.

The official developer explained this.(But why not host mysql-connector-python on PyPI?!).

so, you can bypass this problem. Add follow line into requirements.txt:

when you configured Connector/Python Django Backend, and run python migrate , you will meet error:

DatabaseError: Data truncated for column ‘applied’ at row 1

This is because mysql.connector.django cannot handle datetime with timezone.

You need patch 93c7b38.

when you fix this, you must drop all table, and re-run python migrate, you will meet another error:

  File "/path/to/venv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/mysql/connector/django/", line 223, in bulk_insert_sql
    return "VALUES " + ", ".join([items_sql] * num_values)
TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'tuple'

can’t multiply sequence by non-int of type ‘tuple’

This is because bulk_insert_sql ‘s third argument changed from int to list of placeholder rows, since Django 1.9.

You need another patch, patch 8dab00b. (Of cause, we doesn’t drop support of Django 1.6)

Now you can use mysql-connector-python 2.1.5 on Django 1.10, if you meet another problem, post the comment here!

1 thought on “How to use mysql-connector-python 2.1.5 on Django 1.10?

  1. Siros

    Thank you !

    I was trying to install the development version of mysql-connector and did not know that 2.1.5 can be installed that easily !


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